Campus Mail Service

Intra-Campus Mail

Intra-Campus Mail is generally considered mail without postage, sent from one campus mailstop location to another campus mailstop location.

As a departmental standard, all Intra-Campus Mail that is picked-up today is delivered to the destination mailstop the following business morning.

All Intra-Campus Mail must comply with the Private Express Statutes.

Campus Mail Service will not process internal campus mailings that do not comply with relevant statues and policies.

In accordance with federal law, Campus Mail Service will only accept internal mailings from "bona fide" University organizations for delivery on-campus that clearly demonstrate that the subject of the mailing relates to the current business of the University. Generally, an organization seeking to use the University's internal mail system must be engaged in activities which are recognized as activities of the University.

A "bona fide" University organization is an organization whose functions are closely related to the traditional concerns of the University.

Campus Mail Service may audit all campus mailings for content by visually inspecting a random sample from mailings to ensure compliance with the relevant statutes and policies.

If you are uncertain if your mail qualifies as Intra-Campus Mail and complies with the Private Express Statutes, contact Campus Mail Service for clarification.

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