Why can’t I receive information about packages?  

Due to the privacy and safety of our students, we will not answer questions regarding the receipt of packages. This information will only be provided to the student.

If I pay for overnight shipping will the package be received the next day?

Campus Mail Service processes thousands of packages daily for the University campus. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an item will be received the next day by the student, we kindly request that if the student is in need of a package immediately, please send via Fed Ex or UPS to allow for pickup of the package at one of their nearby locations.

Mail and Packages

  • For the safety and security of our students, mail, and packages are not delivered directly to the residence halls. All deliveries are made to the Campus Mail Service Center. DO NOT address items to the student’s residence hall or to a University department.
  • Students can find their personal mailstop code (MSC#) on myBama by locating the Campus Mail Service Center icon under the Student tab.
  • Students are notified via e-mail anytime they receive a package.
  • Students may not receive personal mail and packages at a Greek house.
  • All students are required to use their personal mailstop code (MSC#) and District # for receiving mail or packages.

What address do I use when I send mail and packages to campus?

Use the same address regardless of carrier. Use this address structure exactly:
MSC # __ __ __ __ __ __
DISTRICT # __ __ __

Residence HallDistrict ZoneParcel LockersAccess
Presidential I01Pres I Game RoomRestricted
Presidential II02Pres II Game RoomRestricted
Riverside, Highlands, Lakeside10Riverside BreezewayRestricted
Paty, John England20PatyRestricted
Bryant, Burke, Harris, Parham30Campus Mail Service CenterOpen
Sororities (residents)40Magnolia DeckOpen
Bryce Lawn, Greek, Fraternities (residents)50Bryce LawnOpen
Ridgecrest, Blount60Ridgecrest South*Restricted

*Ridgecrest lockers will be installed soon. Until installed these packages will be available in the lockers at the Campus Mail Service Center (in the Student Center).

Pre Move-In Packages

  • Campus Mail Service’s internal tracking system automatically sends out reminder e-mails to students who have not picked up their packages after 5 days. Students should disregard these notifications prior to Move-In and simply pick-up their packages from the mail center when they arrive on campus. Packages will not be returned to sender before September 30, 2022.
  • You may ship items to campus prior to Move-In. You may ship items for Move-In from June 1st, 2022 to July 22nd, 2022.
    • Please attach this label to packages that you ship to the University of Alabama for Move-In.  This label assists our mail center staff with the staging of your packages.
  • Each student should be mindful of the volume of packages sent to campus for Move-In. Many items may be purchased in Tuscaloosa or ordered online and shipped to the student after Move-In.
    Campus Mail Service accepts trackable packages from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service. We do not accept freight shipments.
  • Packages weighing more than 50 pounds will be accessed a handling fee. Please contact our office for a fee amount.

Picking Up Packages on Move-In Day

  • Only the student can sign for their packages. Students must present their student Action Card for validation. No exceptions.

Where is my package pickup location?

  • Campus Mail will be delivering as many packages as possible to the parcel lockers located around campus. Packages will be delivered to the lockers nearest the student’s residence hall. Students will receive notifications when their packages are ready for pick-up. Please check out our Parcel Locker video for information about how to address and retrieve your packages. Students with a high volume of packages will be contacted to schedule deliveries and/or pick-up arrangements.