Campus Mail Service

Reusable Items
As part of the University’s sustainability effort, Campus Mail Service has taken a proactive approach to striving for a better environment by collecting reusable items commonly used in its operation and making them available for reuse by campus departments.  Items such as rubber bands, paperclips, binder clips, and plastiklips are frequently used by campus departments when bundling mail for processing by Campus Mail Service.  These reusable items are placed in small environmentally friendly bags and offered back to campus departments for reuse. Departments can order these items free of charge using our Online Order Form.

Intra-Campus Mail Envelopes
Faculty and staff use Intra-Campus Envelopes for sending University business correspondence between campus mailstop locations.  Each envelope has an original life span of 30 uses.  Once one of our envelopes has reached its original end-of-life use, a “Nova Genesis” coversheet can be printed-off from the Campus Mail Service website and placed on the front of the envelope to give it “new life”.

Ink/Toner Recycling
Campus Mail Service partners with the University’s recycling department to facilitate the recycling of ink and toner cartridges on campus.  Campus Mail Service picks-up empty cartridges from each department’s mailstop location and brings them back to the mail center for processing.  Empty cartridges are removed from its cardboard packaging and placed in a collection box for recycling through one of the University’s recycling partner programs.  The cardboard and bubble wrap packaging is recycled and the cartridges are prevented from being disposed in a landfill. To recycle an ink/toner cartridge, mark your cartridge with “Please Recycle” and place it at your mailstop location.

GreenBox Initiative
As sturdy boxes arrive into our mail center operation, Campus Mail Service tags them with a GreenBox label.  These labels direct the recipient to our website to learn more about the initiative. In general, the recipient is instructed to flatten the box after removing the contents and return it back to the University’s mail center.  Once back at the mail center, the box is categorized as small, medium, or large, and placed in a staging area.  Customers who may need a cardboard box for shipping items can order one of our “greenboxes” using our Online Order Form.  The box is delivered to the customer’s mailstop on the next mail delivery.  By saving slightly used boxes and reusing them, we can reduce our environmental impact and support the University’s sustainability efforts. By offering these “Greenboxes” to our customers, we hope to show that we can make a difference by keeping cardboard boxes from recycling processes and out of landfills. By reusing these cardboard boxes for shipping, you have just turned a brown box into a “Greenbox.”

Paperless Processes
Campus Mail Service has implemented several processes that eliminate the use of paper:

  • Package Notification – each student receives an e-mail notification from our package tracking system any time a package is ready for them to pick-up at the Ferguson Mail Center.  No more paper notices instructing you to pick-up your package at the customer counter.
  • “You’ve Got Mail” Notification – each student receives an e-mail notification anytime they have mail in their mailbox.