Receiving Mail & Packages

For the safety and security of our students, mail and packages are not delivered directly to the residence halls or Greek houses. All deliveries are made to the Ferguson Mail Center.

All students are able to receive inbound UPS/FedEx/DHL items, as well as trackable items sent via the United States Postal Service without renting a mailbox. Every student actively enrolled and taking classes at UA are automatically assigned a 6-digit mailstop code (MSC#). This mailstop code (MSC#) is permanently-assigned and allows every student the opportunity to receive any trackable item at the mail center.

The mailstop code will always start with the last two digits of the year that the student became actively enrolled in classes at UA. (i.e. if a student became actively enrolled in the year 2014, their permanently-assigned MSC # would begin with “14”.) Students can find their mailstop code (MSC#) by clicking on the Ferguson Mail Center icon behind the Student tab on the myBama web portal.

Use the same address regardless of the carrier (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL). Please use the below address structure exactly being sure to use the student’s full name, and correct MSC #.  Mail and Packages received with tracking or incomplete, incorrect or no MSC # will be returned to sender.   Students can access their unique MSC# by clicking here.

MSC # __ __ __ __ __ __

Please note Campus Mail Services is not responsible for packages not delivered in a timely manner.  Please be aware of the hours of operations and that overnight and priority shipping does not guarantee that packages will be available for pickup at the times the carrier provided.  If a package is needed immediately alternative methods may need to be considered such as FED Ex or UPS pickup.

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