Intra-Campus Mail

Intra-Campus Mail is generally considered mail without postage, sent from one campus mailstop location to another campus mailstop location.

All Intra-Campus Mail must comply with the Private Express Statutes.Campus Mail Service will not process internal campus mailings that do not comply with relevant statues and policies.

In accordance with federal law, Campus Mail Service will only accept internal mailings from “bona fide” University organizations for delivery on-campus that clearly demonstrate that the subject of the mailing relates to the current business of the University. Generally, an organization seeking to use the University’s internal mail system must be engaged in activities which are recognized as activities of the University.

Campus Mail Service may audit all campus mailings for content by visually inspecting a random sample from mailings to ensure compliance with the relevant statutes and policies.

Preparing Intra-Campus Mail

Intra-Campus Mail should be kept separate from all other mail and labeled as “INTRA-CAMPUS MAIL” if it is not placed inside an Intra-Campus Mail envelope.

When using Intra-Campus Mail envelopes to send correspondence, make sure all previous addresses have been marked out to ensure proper delivery. The address you are sending to should always appear on the last line below the previous address. Campus Mail delivers to assigned BOX numbers only.

Mail sent from one department to another should be addressed with a name or department and the BOX number of the addressee. If you are sending mail to an individual in a particular department, be sure to include the addressee’s first and last name as well as their assigned BOX number. See the following address samples:

John Doe
Box 870231

Campus Mailings of 50 or More Pieces
All Intra-Campus Mail consisting of 50 pieces or more should be prepared and sorted in BOX number order. For example, if your department is sending out a notice to all faculty and staff on campus, proper sorting is required. If your mailing is not sorted properly, your mail could be delayed or returned for proper sorting. Please contact Campus Mail Service for more detailed information.

Ink-Jetting and Blind Distribution
University Printing offers Ink jetting of Campus Mail addresses onto your campus wide mail-outs. Please contact University Printing for more information on the Ink jetting of the University’s mailing list onto your Intra-Campus Mail.

Blind Distribution is a way for your department to send a memo, flyer, notice, etc. to other departments on campus without addressing the mail piece to any one person in particular. Campus Mail personnel have a good idea of about how many people are in each department on campus. When sending a memo, flyer, notice, etc. by way of blind distribution, Campus Mail personnel will put however many pieces they feel should be sent to each department based on the size of each department. For example, Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office would be expected to receive more pieces from a blind distribution mailing than a smaller department with not as many employees. Please contact Campus Mail Service for more information on blind distribution.