Centralized Afternoon Pick-up Service (CAPS)

Campus Mail Service has strategically placed 4 dropboxes across campus. This service allows departments the opportunity to place outgoing mail items in one of the four CAPS dropboxes and have it processed the same day. CAPS dropbox pick-ups are made between the hours of 2:00 & 3:00 P.M. Items placed in CAPS dropboxes after 2:00 PM will be processed the following business day.

Centralized Afternoon Pick-up Service dropbox locations:

Rose Administration – located at the rear of the building

Student Services Building – located at the north end of the building underneath the outside stairs

Alston Hall – located at the rear of the building on the south side of the building.

Gordon-Palmer Hall – located at the north entrance; the elevator lobby of Seebeck Computer Center.

Items that can be placed in the CAPS drop boxes include:

Intra-Campus Mail

  • Make sure items are properly addressed using valid departmental box numbers.
  • A listing of departmental box numbers can be found here.
  • The use of Intra-Campus Mail envelopes are strongly recommended.

U.S. Mail

  • Mail that needs to be metered should have a properly completed Postage Charge Slip attached. Mail should be securely bundled so items do not become loose from the charge slip.
  • Mail that already has proper postage applied can be deposited as long as it complies with theĀ 13 oz. mail rule.

UPS & FedEx

  • All outgoing UPS and FedEx shipments can be placed in a CAPS dropbox for same-day processing.
  • A ShipRequest from SendSuite Live should be securely attached to your shipment.
  • Items that are too big to fit inside the CAPS dropboxes should be brought to Campus Mail Service for processing.